Late last year, Adelaide four piece rock / post-punk outfit Shapes Divide released their five track EP ‘In Transit‘ independently. The EP was recorded locally at the ever popular Capital Sound Studio by Jimmy Balderston (A Secret Death, Sex Wizard). Click play below to listen to a track from it, and expand this post to read all about the EP as we give it the once over. 
Shapes Divide - Jubilee

ARTIST – Shapes Divide
TITLE – In Transit
STRAIGHT OUT OF – Adelaide, Australia
RELEASED – November 2010, Independently

1. Corruption In Confession
2. In Transit
3. Horns Hold Up Your Halo
4. Jubilee
5. Silent Seduction

According to Adelaide’s Rip it Up Magazine, Shapes Divide’s debut EP ‘In Transit’ is a “melodic and riff-heavy affair” and describes their sound as a mix of “heavy rock, post-hardcore with flourishes of grunge”. Hailing from the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Shapes Divide is a dynamic Modern Rock/Post Punk four piece oufit. Nick (vocals/guitar), Matt (guitar/vocals), Grazy (bass/vocals) and Jimmy (drums) have honed their original sound, drawing from an array of influences including Dead Letter Circus, Moving Mountains, Alexisonfire and Thrice. They first released a self titled demo in early 2009, which was followed up by their anticipated debut EP ‘In Transit’ in November 2010. They have shared the stage with talented local acts such as Mere Theory, Impartial and Deception Bay and plan to heighten their awareness nationally by venturing interstate in 2011 and beyond.

Every couple of years Adelaide seems to sprout a band like these guys, a mature melodic rock / punk sound with a crisp production and loads of potential. Sadly though most have never really reached the potential and withered away. Let’s hope it’s not the case for Shapes Divide. An impressive debut right from the get go as the opener ‘Corruption In Confession’ pulls you in and you find yourself nodding along to the beat. Very strong vocally and a nice powerful sound without being too much. The vibe continues as ‘In Transit’ kicks in, I really like how the drums aren’t lost behind the guitars in the mix, and the great drumming can be really heard and does make a difference. Chorus on this one will stick in your head without a doubt. ‘Horns Hold Up Your Halo’ is a track that really grew to become one of my favourites, I like the vocal in this one a lot, and after a few listens wound up being the one that stuck in my head. ‘Jubilee’ (which is streaming above) is another favourite and I think is a perfect combination of all the sounds they offer up on the EP in one track. The screaming is actually done right and not thrown in for the sake of following everyone else having a scream, it’s not over the top, and serves it’s purpose well. Closing things up is ‘Silent Seduction’, a fast paced track that would go down well live I’m sure. All in all a very solid EP that shows loads of potential, hopefully the band doesn’t get ‘stuck in Adelaide’ and are able to spread their wings, hit the road and show off their talents to the rest of the country.

If you are in Adelaide, hit up Clarity Records, everyone else, hit up the band via their pages, I’m sure they’ll hook you up.

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