One of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets is stepping out in a big way; Kississippi, the indie-pop writing project of musician/visual artist Zoe Reynolds, will be releasing their debut album on SideOneDummy Records in 2018.

The forthcoming album’s first single is a bold ode to confidence in the face of trauma entitled ‘Cut Yr Teeth‘.

Featuring backing vocals from Mary Allen of Tombo Crush and recorded by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom, ‘Cut Yr Teeth‘ is the kind of bold but intimate look inside of Zoe’s world that fans can come to expect from the forthcoming debut.

Cut Yr Teeth is about recognizing the toxicity of a relationship, and letting go of it along with your trust for the other half. I wrote this song (and most of the forthcoming record) about finding my voice after having it taken away time and time again by people I thought were more powerful than me. I know now that they were wrong, and that’s what this album is all about.

Give it a listen below.


Since 2014, Zoe Reynolds has been making music under the Kississippi moniker, but the release of her debut full length signals a significant change for the artist.

Following a series of demo releases and EPs including the 2016 standout ‘We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed‘, Reynolds believes she has finally found her voice, calling the album an honest recognition of the music she always wanted to make.

Her hushed but courageous soprano whispers tales that immediately nestle and lodge themselves in your heart. Words for these stories came to her during the most commonplace of everyday activities; situations like washing the dishes, filling the bathtub or sitting on the porch late at night became a place of inspiration.

Recorded to voice memo and later brought to life in the studio, Reynolds wanted the songs on this forthcoming release to be as true to her nature as possible. And that desire for intimacy and sharing even the most painful of experiences with listeners is etched and apparent in every note.



Kississippi photo by Megan Thompson


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