MOD CON is the new collaborative project of Erica Dunn, Sara Retallick and Raquel Solier.

The band has shared their debut single, ‘Do It Right Margo‘ from a limited split 7-inch with Fair Maiden, out digitally October 27th and physically November 10th on Poison City Records and available for pre-order now [Here].

The three members of MOD CON had been playing together as Palm Springs; an alt-country band. However, when they began writing collaboratively for a new album, the project lent itself to different kinds of writing styles and consequently, MOD CON was formed. Palm Springs will continue as a solo project for Dunn, whereas MOD CON will be the only incarnation of the trio’s creative force with angular guitar solos, duo vocals and syncopated rhythms at the core.

Their new single, ‘Do It Right Margo‘ and the first release under this new moniker sees them take an exciting new direction. When asked about the lyrical content of the track Erica explains:

It contemplates the many hoops we have to jump through to ‘fit in’. I worked for years with newly arrived refugees, and this is a response to the lengths I observed them going to try and get their heads around what ‘being normal’ in Australia was. It’s a call and response between someone who is dictating terms and someone who is asking for acceptance.

Listen to the single below.


Fully entrenched in the vibrant Melbourne DIY community MOD CON are the newest product of the thriving local music community showing through in each members’ other creative projects: Harmony, TFS, Golden Syrup and Various Asses.

MOD CON and Fair Maiden launch the new split 7-inch at The Tote in Collingwood on November 10th. On Saturday 11th November they head out to Castlemaine to play Country Daze at The Theatre Royal alongside Rocket Science, Cable Ties, The Pink Tiles, TV Haze, Flour and DJ Fee-B Squared. Tickets are on sale now for that one.

Country Daze

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