Sydney’s Lo! will release their third full length album, ‘Vestigial‘ on October 6th via Pelagic Records.

The latest taste of the album comes in the form of a video clip for the track ‘Locust Christ‘.

The video was shot in one day in Sydney and directed and produced by bass player Adrian Shapiro with a small crew including members of Oscar winning company Odd Studio who created the disturbing prosthetics. Odd recently won an oscar for Mad Max Fury Road.

Adrian says:

I set myself some rules for the shoot including that I wanted to shoot everything from the back of the car to increase the claustrophobia and be purely focussed on the couple. We had minimal camera position changes and I wanted to do as much of the effects work in camera so basically what you’re seeing is what we’ve shot with a bit of tidy up. I also chose to shoot it in the day as I felt that it made the whole reveal even stranger. The song is unrelenting and I liked the juxtaposition of the regular couple driving their car and then seeing their primal transition starting with a kiss and finally merging together by the end of the clip in the same car.


Earlier, the band has shared the track ‘Glutton‘ from the album.

Give it a listen below if you missed it.


LO! literally made a splash last year with the ingenious video clip for ‘Orca‘ – produced by bass player Adrian Shapiro himself. The clip showed vocalist Sam Dillon as a vicious creature emerging from a vat of shiny pink goo, in front of an otherwise completely black background. Pink in metal? The clip went viral over the love-it-or-hate-it discussion that followed… but even the haters had to admit that this clip, showed a truly outstanding and innovative approach to visual arts in heavy music.

The songs that make up ‘Vestigial‘ are well-crafted and have a larger scope, the sound is heavy yet organic, there’s a mammoth harmonic density behind the stupefying heavy riffs, and the band sounds tighter than ever before. One of the reasons might be that drummer Adrian Griffin, who has spent the last seven years in Asia, returned to Australia.

This time we had much more time to all be together as a band and really work on the songs properly instead of the last-minute rush that usually happens. I think we all felt more connected now having Adrian back in the country,

A world where politics resemble black comedies, where guns have become an aspect of culture, and where addiction to technology is the norm is at the lyrical heart of ‘Vestigial‘.

There are several repeated characters throughout the album. The Judas Steer, the Locust Christ… these are antiheroes, the wolves among sheep figuratively. The ghastly Donald Trumps, The Kim Jong-Uns, the extremists and ignorant tyrants of our modern lives…

After a European tour supporting Cult Of Luna in 2013, including a performance at Roadburn Festival, the band will be back in Europe this October to present ‘Vestigial‘.

Local pre-orders for the album are available [Here].


1. Hall Of Extinct Mammals
2. As Fools Ripen
3. Glutton
4. Locust Christ
5. Butcher Birds
6. Bombardier
7. A Tiger Moth’s Shadow
8. Judas Steer
9. Bestial Beginnings
10. The Worms Lament
11. Gods Of Ruin



Lo! photo by Nic Bezzina


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