Brisbane’s Brief Habits now have a couple of live shows under their belt to compliment the recent release of their debut album on Hobbledehoy Records this month.

The album is available in limited numbers on vinyl, as well as digitally. You can see the options and secure yours [Here].

The band has today released a video clip for the lead single ‘Either/Or‘ which you can check out below.

Of the video, vocalist Dan explains;

I was reading a lot of existential philosophy at the time of making this record and it really had a significant effect on the lyrics. We wanted to make the Either/Or clip mirror this – mainly focusing on Nietzche’s concept of the self and Keirkegaards work on Freedom/Possibility and Necessity.
To strip it all down the basic idea is that of ‘the grass is greener’ type ideal – Moments of despair and unhappiness can be found in all situations in life and that it is only ever up to the individual to find meaning in their current path and in the choices they make. From there Kierkegaard feels “One can run astray in all possible ways, but essentially in two. The one form is the wishful, the hankering; the other is the melancholic- fantastic. (hope in the one case, fear or dread in the other).
We have been great friends with Rick and Spilting Films for a while now – he interprets our music perfectly and understands our vision with very little explanation from us. He completely got this concept from the start and ran way with it – matching some really compelling ‘Hitchcockian’ visuals to some really interesting and contrasting life stories.
Wouldn’t be happier with the result and hope you enjoy the video!

Having spent over a decade slaving away in and around both the local punk and indie-rock scenes of Brisbane; brothers Dan and Steve Rogan alongside Drummer Elliott Fuller and Bassist Luke Martin developed Brief Habits – the umbrella for a sound that marries all the complexities of the alternative music they love and enjoy with insightful, often brave, lyrical content.

If you missed it previously, the band took the time to answer our On The Record questions. You can read their answers [Here].

Listen to the album below if you are yet to do so. Keep an eye on their page [Here] for upcoming shows.



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