Parkway Drive has today released a digital deluxe version of their latest album, ‘IRE‘.

This expanded version of the album features two new tracks, ‘Devil’s Calling‘, and ‘Into The Dark‘, as well as a remix of ‘A Deathless Song‘ featuring Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive.

You can order a copy now on iTunes [Here]. Physical copies of the original version of the album can still be had [Here] on CD / Vinyl.

IRE‘ was recently certified Gold in Australia, joining the rest of their albums in gaining that achievement.

A quick rest from the recent ‘All Aussie Adventure‘ tour, and the band will spend August touring Europe with a host of festival appearances included, then it is back to the US in October.

Speaking of the new track, ‘Devil’s Calling‘, vocalist Winston McCall explains;

Devil’s Calling was written post the release of IRE. The lyrics came as a response to the growing tensions we are seeing worldwide. In the last year we have seen people with flames of hatred, war, bigotry and fear used as a tool once again to divide and deflect our attention away from the corruption and malice that sits at the head of our power structures. It was written simply as a protest song; we see it, we all see what is wrong. This is a redirection of the energy; we take the fires you light and use them to burn the bridges that connect the power from the base.

Watch the video clip for the new track below.


A Deathless Song‘ is a love song Winston McCall wrote for his wife. It’s a reference to The Great Gatsby book his wife read to him on their honeymoon and showcases Winston singing for the first time. The remix features Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive.

I’ve had massive respect for Jenna ever since Tonight Alive appeared on the music scene. Not only does she have an amazing voice but she uses her presence in the world in an incredibly inspiring and positive way. A Deathless song was originally written as a duet, hence the repeating chorus but with time constraints in the studio we never had a chance to fully explore it, which is why we chose this path. The collaboration aspect was amazing. She worked so well with the material and concept of the song in creating a vibe that breathed life into our original vision and for that we couldn’t be more thankful.


parkway drive ire

Dying To Believe
Vice Grip
Writings on the Wall
Bottom Feeder
The Sound of Violence
A Deathless Song
Devil’s Calling
Into The Dark
A Deathless Song (feat. Jenna McDougall)


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