Blues Pills will release their new album, ‘Lady In Gold‘ on Friday 5th August via Nuclear Blast Records.

The psychedelic sounds of the band may hail back to the prosperity of the 1960’s and 1970’s and it’s true their distinctive sound may include a few ingredients of the past; a pinch of late 60’s Americana, a sprinkling of blues, a heavy serving of rock ‘n’ roll, a big squeeze of soul but it’s all shaken up into a brand-new cocktail of sound.

The group formed in 2011, only one year later the striking, soulful and organic sound of first single ‘Black Smoke‘ was fascinating countless listeners – followed up by the EP ‘Bliss‘. When in 2014 the self-titled album was released, the whole genre was turned upside down and the band were charting across Europe and continually selling out larger venues.

Commented singer Elin Larsson on the choice of the album’s title:

Lady gold is a character who symbolizes death. We wanted a twist on the typical stereotype of death being the grim reaper. So instead we made her a lady in gold.

A video clip for the album’s title track has just been released.

We shot the video for Lady in Gold in Stockholms skärgård in an old castle with the amazing team around Johan Bååth. The idea behind the video is to visualize the Lady in Gold in all the different ways she can come. She can be that beautiful young woman or a scary old witch. It was a lot of fun and super exciting to jump into these different roles and characters. The whole team did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with all these talented people. Clothes and design was made by Anna Bonnevier and make up and hair by Cecilia Lidén. We all hope you will enjoy the video.

Watch the video below.


Similarly to the self-titled debut, ‘Lady In Gold‘ was produced in Sweden by Don Alsterberg. You can pre-order on iTunes [Here].


01. Lady In Gold
02. Little Boy Preacher
03. Burned Out
04. I Felt A Change
05. Gone So Long
06. Bad Talkers
07. You Gotta Try
08. Won’t Go Back
09. Rejection
10. Elements And Things


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