Hit The Lights will release their new acoustic EP titled ‘Just To Get Through To You‘ this Friday 6th May via Pure Noise Records / Sony Music Australia.

The latest track to make it online from the release is ‘Blasphemy, Myself And I‘.

Vocalist Nick Thompson says;

I’ve always gotten a kick out of making off color remarks. I’ve been attracted to very dark humor and have a cynical way of thinking. I tend to get a kick out of saying offensive and turning toward a more offensive type of humor that has gotten me into trouble more than once. ‘Blasphemy, Myself and I’ lyrically is a little self analyses on why I think I say the things I do, and realizing it’s a coping mechanism I use to deal with my own discomfort in our society. It’s an honest song, and it’s one of my favorites off of ‘Summer Bones’ so we did an acoustic version that I think really compliments the melodies and feel of the original.

Check it out below.


Earlier, the band premiered ‘Lighthouse‘ which can be heard below.


Just To Get Through To You‘ features six tracks that were reworked in an acoustic setting.

We’ve had a lot of time off as a band and thought it would be nice to have something to release before we head out on the Pure Noise Tour. Originally, there were a few tracks from Summer Bones that we thought would be fun to do acoustically, and from there the idea sprang up to do a few older tracks as a nod to our older fans who have stuck by us throughout our career as HTL. “Drop the Girl” was obviously a popular track off of Skip School and “Save Your Breath” was the first song idea I ever brought to HTL when I joined, so I thought it was fitting and fun to add that to the track listing. Over all, Just to Get Through to You is something we made for the fans we have – just a little appreciation recording we felt people would enjoy while awaiting the next record. Rick and Danny at King Sound put a lot of hard work and heart into recording this EP, and we love them dearly for it.


1. Blasphemy, Myself, & I (acoustic)
2. Drop The Girl (acoustic)
3. Fucked Up Kids (acoustic)
4. Save Your Breath (acoustic)
5. Summer Bones (acoustic)
6. Lighthouse


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