Midwestern alt-rockers, Flannel Mouth, have released their debut full-length, ‘The Prisoner’s Cinema‘.

The story of ‘The Prisoner’s Cinema‘ is a simple and timeless old story: woman asks man to kill her because he loves her so, man identifies murder and passion as synonyms, man kills everyone he ever feels anything for, man is offered redemption, man falls back into his old ways, man dies alone with loads of regret.

The record is a three-part play, complete with intermission.

It gave us a bit of a guideline, essentially, to which we adhered and adapted. Luke wrote this heartfelt and bloody script and we just tried to match the feelings of the scenes to the notes we played. Three years in the making came together all at once.

The fourteen tracks are a blend of Midwestern rock tangled in elements of progressive pop. Flannel Mouth turned to Michael Abiuso who is known for his works with Kiss Kiss, The Gay Blades, The Venetia Fair and Behind The Curtains Media to produce, mix, and master the album. The band flew Abiuso from New York City to Peoria with a suitcase full of gear, holed themselves up in a vacant office building, built a professional studio, and only paused for a trip to last year’s SXSW.

We turned the conference room into a live room, the main executive office into a control room/sleeping quarters, and the bathroom into a vocal booth. It was definitely a unique experience.

They say, if Tarantino wrote a script to be scored by The Dear Hunter, performed by Cursive, engineered by Foxy Shazam, and produced by Brand New, Flannel Mouth would be the end result.

Listen for yourself below.


Flannel Mouth is supporting the new record with a tour to SXSW with The Skulx, where they will be playing numerous showcases.

Hit up their page [Here] for more information on the band.


1) You’ve Convinced Me
2) The Dark Ages
3) Rapunzel, Rapunzel
4) Hello, Gorgeous
5) Falling Asleep
6) Pleading Insane
7) La Deuxième Partie
8) Dead Man Walking
9) The Preacher’s Daughter
10) Walk It Off
11) The Honorable Mr. Black
12) The Showdown in the Courtroom
13) R.A.R.
14) The Prisoner’s Cinema