Melbourne’s Lazertits have made a big statement out of their two previously released and highly infectious garage punk songs ‘Gender Studies‘ and ‘Dirty Brown Couch‘, over the weekend they graced us with their debut EP, ‘Aubergine Dreams‘.

The five best friends came together as a band in their late teens and early baby twenties for a one-off performance at a New Years Eve party in 2013/14 as more of a statement, than anything else.

However the friendships started well before that.

Amy, Emily and Rose met in year 7, self referred to as “loner besties,” they bonded over their love of the 90s alternative rock heartthrobs, Janes Addiction and The Used, exchanging mix tapes and taking awkward classical drum lessons with the school’s in house percussion teacher.

After leaving school, the three of them rotated through a share-house in Brunswick, inevitably meeting Lexi and Victoria somewhere between the share house and house parties.

It wasn’t until an annual new years eve festival at a friends property, that the idea of Lazertits even entered the minds of these five; deciding that their male counterparts shouldn’t be the only ones performing at their friends music festival, the girls prepared a performance of 3 songs – 2 covers and 1 original. It was shortly after that show that the first proto-Lazertits song-writing sessions ensued.

They played a handful of house parties and shows, before recording ‘Gender Studies‘, at JMC Academy as a Uni project. The track gained an overtly enthusiastic response from the DIY community – they sold out of t-shirts, packed out venues time and time again – and grabbed the attention of The Age and community radio.

The band recently holed up in Amy’s Dad, Chris Pettiffer’s, studio, for a few days and have finally emerged with their debut EP, ‘Aubergine Dreams‘.

Give it a listen below. It’ll be available to purchase on Bandcamp shortly and you can grab vinyl at a show.


You can catch them at The Curtin in Melbourne this Friday 5th February and they’ll play an instore at Record Paradise on Saturday 20th February.

For more information and updates, visit their page [Here].