Leftover Crack are streaming a new track titled ‘System Fucked‘ from their forthcoming album.

The track features Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy and Classics of Love.

When I really dove head first into punk music around the age of 15, there was this one band that was universally accepted & loved, transcending the boundaries of punk, hardcore & ska, which were so divisive in the early 1990’s. That band was Operation Ivy. You couldn’t escape that record if you were with any group of punks & you never wanted to anyway. ‘Energy’ was an instant classic from the first lines of ‘Knowledge’ all the way through to the tacked on 7″ EP’s at the end, it played at every “party” (party in quotes because it encompassed everything from ‘frats’ to us ‘brats’ hanging out on the street with a little ‘crack box’. Everybody my age went bananas listening to this enigmatic record from this already broken up band. Tracking down Jesse Michaels was no easy task. It still isn’t really. Jesse’s a busy guy. It took several years of planning & practice to lock him down for an hour in a studio in Southern California, which was actually perfect, because I was working on ‘Constructs Of The State’ for several years as well & I was forced to finish the lyrics to ‘System Fucked’ in time to record it with him. And in doing so, I found in Jesse what had connected me to Operation Ivy in the first place; a warm hearted person with his head on his shoulders, a social conscience & a wit to be reckoned with.

System Fucked‘ will be on Leftover Crack’s forthcoming album for Fat Wreck titled ‘Constructs of the State‘. It will be available from November 27th. Pre-orders available shortly, keep an eye on the Fat Wreck website.



1: Archaic Subjugation
2: Don’t Shoot
3: Loneliness & Heartache
4: System Fucked
5: Slave to the Throne
6: Bedbugs & Beyond
7: Corrupt Vision
8: Last Legs
9: The Lie of Luck
10: ¡Poliamor Fiesta Crack!
11: Vicious Constructs
12: Amanecer de los Muertos
13: The War at Home