In Hearts Wake have announced their new album ‘Skydancer‘, to be released on May 1st, with lead single ‘Breakaway‘ being premiered on triple j today at midday.

A documentary on the creation of the album is available to watch now at

Skydancer‘ is the second half of an ambitious project that has been planned in secret well before the release of award-winning breakthrough album ‘Earthwalker‘. It will be released 364 days after its predecessor. Both albums were recorded in the same session as 2013 drew to a close and share a multitude of themes across their artwork, lyrics and charitable intentions.

The ‘Earthwalker‘ CD contained a hidden booklet with a short poem referring to the masculine and feminine worlds and the lyrics to first single ‘Breakaway‘. But until very recently, no fans were aware of the secret clue.

The album includes a new version of former single ‘Skydancer‘ featuring Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside, as well as guest appearances from Marcus Bridge of Northlane and J Hurley and Ben Marvin of Hacktivist.

Frontman Jake Taylor says;

I’d been searching for a concept that could explain the relationship between the masculine and feminine worlds and how we needed to be at peace with both in order to be whole. Many indigenous cultures believed that the human body was a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky. One could not exist without the other, and therefore everything was one. To me, the essence of these two divine energies could be seen even within my own parents, and I felt like I was the product of both.

Skydancer will also see In Hearts Wake working in conjunction with Local Futures – a non-profit organisation lead by Helena Norberg-Hodge; pioneer of the localisation movement and director of of the award-winning documentary, The Economics of Happiness. The organisation is dedicated to the protection and renewal of ecological and social well being at a local, tangible level.

Worldwide premiere of the ‘Breakaway‘ music video will be at tomorrow at 9am.


1. Aether
2. Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil)
3. Breakaway
4. Badlands
5. Insomnia
6. Oblivion
7. Wildfire
8. Cottonmouth
9. Erase (feat. Ben Marvin & J Hurley)
10. Intrepid (feat. Marcus Bridge)
11. Father